There are a number of different support services available to students at Glasgow Caledonian University. If you are worried about someone who is a student at Glasgow Caledonian University we have developed some tailored support and advice. 

Thinking about how to approach a friend, flatmate or classmate who is experiencing difficulties can be daunting, but by following the steps below you can share your concern in a caring and gentle way.

Step 1: Be straightforward and honest - tell your friend that you are worried about them, and that you would like to help them if you can.

Step 2: Be prepared to listen – make time to listen to how your friend’s experiences have made them feel, and try to show them understanding and compassion.

Step 3: Express concern - but remember you're not their therapist! There are limits on what you can offer as a friend. Make clear to them what you can do (listen and recommend sources of support) and what you can’t do (solve all their problems).

Step 4: Encourage your friend to get help – remind them that they’re probably not alone in feeling the way that they do. Lots of students struggle while they’re at University. That’s why GCU has a dedicated counselling service staffed by professional counsellors who are trained to work with a wide range of issues.

Step 5: Support yourself – remember to look after your own wellbeing during this time. Recognise if it becomes difficult for you and make time to relax, do things for fun and spend time with others. You may find that talking it through with someone else (while keeping your friend’s confidentiality where appropriate) can help ease the strain. 

You can find out more information about the support available at Glasgow Caledonian University's Worried About Someone Webpage


Immediate Concerns 

Please note that the services provided by Glasgow Caledonian University, and this report and support system, are not intended to provide urgent crisis support. 

If you have immediate concerns and are on campus  ask a member of staff to help you to call security and arrange for an ambulance. You will be able to identify a member of staff by blue lanyards which have the GCU logo and the words 'staff member' printed on them. 

The Glasgow Campus University security contact number is 0141 273 3787.
The London Campus University security contact number is  020 7837 5424.

If you are off campus call NHS 24 at  08454 242424 and take advice. 


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