Racism exists on our campuses and in our society. Call it what it is and reject it in all its forms. We stand united against racism. 

GCU have taken a proactive, whole institution approach to prioritise the tackling of racism and racial inequalities, you can find out more about this at the Tackling Racism at GCU webpages.

GCU has been an active member of Advance HE’s Tackling racism on campus project. The project is funded by the Scottish Funding Council in response to the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report into racial harassment on university campuses, and is led by an expert group of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion practitioners, academics, tertiary education staff and students. The project has been developing evidence-based resources to be used by Scottish universities and colleges as they respond the findings highlighted in the EHRC inquiry report.

For further information, visit Advance HE's Tackling Racism on Campus project webpages.

Call it racism
Offensive questions, stereotypes and behaviour have a lasting impact on individuals, affecting their mental health, career progression and overall welfare. Racism is also a structural and systematic problem within our University and society. Call racism out for what it is. It’s time to take a stand.

Challenge racist behaviour
Racist behaviour can be as subtle as a change in tone or choice of words. That doesn’t make it any less harmful. Higher educational institutions are systematically racist and many black, Asian and minority ethnic staff and students have felt excluded, harassed or physically unsafe on this campus. It’s time to challenge racism and demand a better university experience for all.

Change racist structures
We need to challenge racism at every level. From policy changes to fair representation, targeted training programmes and disciplinary action, tackling racism should be a top priority in all institutional processes.

If you experience or see racism at GCU, please report it immediately at the sections of the Report & Support pages. You can submit a report anonymously. 

There are two ways you can tell us what happened